Picnic Bags

A picnic bag is essential whether you are taking food to the beach, a friend’s house, or on a long car journey. Picnic bags even come in useful when food shopping or collecting your takeaway.

Insulated Picnic Bags

There is nothing worse than a lukewarm sandwich, yoghurt or salad. Not to mention the increased risk of poisoning from improperly stored cold meats and dairy. Insulated picnic bags have come a long way from the ugly, bulky bags of yesteryear. With new lightweight and efficient insulating materials there is now a wide choice of stylish bags to choose from. Many are easy to clean and not heavy so won’t add weight to your carefully prepared picnic.

If you choose a picnic bag with a microbial coating on the inside, it will help keep bacteria at bay too.

Great for supermarket shops and takeaways

Why not keep an insulated picnic bag in your car or with your shopping bags. You can put chilled, or frozen items inside and keep them as cool as possible for the journey home. This is useful on those rare days when the British Summer offers us some sunshine and heat. A picnic bag with a padded handle will also be a lot more comfortable to carry than a standard plastic carrier bag. It is reusable too.

Being insulated, picnic bags can keep food warm as well as cool. Pop your takeaway food inside and keep it cosy until you reach your destination. A waterproof lining is usually standard for picnic bags, so any spills of sauce or grease will be easy to clean up.

Not just for food

Many things need to be kept cool when you are away from home. Suntan lotion and after sun can be soothing when kept chilled, so you could store those inside the bag alongside your picnic.

Medication sometimes needs to be kept chilled, so this too can benefit from being inside an insulation bag.

You can also keep your make-up bag inside and avoid the disappointment of a melted lipstick.

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