Laptop Bags

With hybrid working and work from home becoming more popular, many people need a portable laptop rather than a desktop PC. Whilst a laptop can be slung into any bag, a purpose designed laptop bag or sleeve will add the protection these valuable devices require during your commute.

Gone are the days when laptop sleeves and bags are sombre, mundane things that you buy purely through necessity. There are now infinite bright patterns or sensible business designs to suit your personality or role.

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Choosing a Laptop Bag

When choosing a laptop sleeve or laptop bag, firstly make sure that the dimensions are suitable for your laptop. You need a snug fit that is not too loose in order to protect your device. If the bag is too big, your tech may slide around whilst you are carrying it. Too tight and you may find it scratches the exterior, or curse having to wrestle your laptop into it.

Organisation is also important for laptop bags. If you are heading for a day in the office and are considering business laptop bags, look for extra pockets and durable materials. There should be room to store the charger lead and mouse. You may need the extra functionality of pockets for a separate keyboard or headphones too. Your laptop case should offer easy access to all your work essentials. With all this in mind it will be easy to choose the best option for you, that will carry all the gear you need for a day at work.

Laptop sleeves

If you would prefer to use your own bag or have smaller devices such as a Macbook or tablet, then a laptop sleeve may be enough to protect your tech. Laptop cases such as sleeves are lightweight and there is a wide range of colours and brands to choose from. All you need to do is slide your laptop or tablet into the sleeve and pop it into any tote you choose. Some sleeves also come with storage for leads and cables too.

Laptop backpack bags

If you need to keep your hands free or cycle to work, then backpacks may be the best laptop bags for you These laptop bags have lots of features to make it easy for carrying and protecting your device whilst on the move. If you choose a large enough backpack, with a protecting pocket inside for your laptop, this can be the only bag you will need to take. There will be plenty of room for your work and life essentials. Plus your hands are free to cycle or carry other things.

When choosing the best laptop bag for you, consider the following:

  • How you wish to carry it – across your body, backpack, on your shoulder?
  • The size of your laptop or notebook – make sure it fits
  • Do you want to carry your laptop in portrait or landscape?
  • Is there space for your charger lead?
  • Do you want to use the bag for all your belongings or just for your laptop?
  • Does it need to be understated for work or can you express yourself with bright colours?
  • Does your laptop need extra protection such as with a solid shell or reinforcements inside?
  • Will a basic laptop sleeve be sufficient as you will be putting it in another bag, or will you need an actual dedicated laptop bag?