Insulated Lunch Bags

We love checking social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram for lunch box ideas as it is easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to the daily packed lunch – especially when it is for children.  We never cease to be amazed at the variety of interesting and easy to prepare recipes people can fit inside their insulated lunch tote.

On this page you will find a selection of insulated lunch bags that we think will do their job in style.  It is good to see the designers have moved away from the standard navy and plain colours and produced some really interesting patterns.  The shapes are varied too, from the standard ladies lunch bag rectangle shape, to ones that look like a normal handbag.

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If you usually buy a sandwich or salad, imagine how much the packaging would amount to over a year.  There’s a good chance you probably used that packet for less than 30 minutes.  And that does not include any cutlery you use, plus plastic sauce sachets, napkins, a bag to carry it in, and the receipt that was printed out.

As the world tries to reduce waste and unnecessary plastic, one of the easiest ways to cut down is by taking your own food out and about.  Lunch bags are reusable and come in many different sizes and styles.

You can use a small lunch bag for a quick working lunch, or go full size at the weekend and take your family out on a picnic.  What a great way to spend time together and get everyone away from their screens.

An added bonus of taking your own lunch is you get to choose what goes in it.  You can be really elaborate and make an elegant colourful meal or if you’re in a rush just throw some things into a flatbread and off you go.  With technological advances, cooler bag insulation material has become more and more effective in helping to keep your food as cool as possible, so you can enjoy your meal whatever the weather.