Hanging Wash Bags

Looking for the best hanging wash bag?

At Quirkybags, we have been long time fans of hanging wash bags, but what makes them so great?

Hanging wash bags tend to come with a supplied hook (like a mini coat hanger), a fabric loop, or large eyelet.  The most popular version uses a hook that tucks away inside the bag when not in use.  You use these to hang your bag up on a door hook, rail, or any other suitable place.  These useful toiletry bags tend to be open when hung up, so you can access everything easily, although some come with zipped inner compartments too.

Handy for travel
Of course the most obvious use for a hanging wash bag is for when you are travelling away from home.  These useful toiletry bags come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that suits what you like to take with you.  Some simply have a front panel that you unzip to reveal the contents inside, and use the hidden hook in the panel to hang up the bag.  Others are a wraparound toiletry bag style.  Unwrap it to reveal the hanging eyelet or hook and again everything is conveniently to hand.

Ladies Hanging Wash Bags.

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Mens Hanging Wash Bags.

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Gain more storage space

Sometimes you need all the room you can get in your bathroom or ensuite.  Space is often at a premium in smaller rooms, especially ensuite bath or shower rooms.  With one or more hanging wash bags, you can keep toiletries, make up, beauty utensils, or bathroom essentials tidily stored away but within easy reach.  Simply hang them on the back of the bathroom door and you have instant storage.  The bags are lightweight and portable, so when it’s time to go travelling, all you need to do is grab your wash bag and everything is already in place.  They are also temporary so you can easily mix and match your storage needs as required.

Perfect camping or caravanning accessory

If you are a fan of the great outdoors, you will have no doubt encountered some very cramped and possibly not overly luxurious toilet facilities.  In many instances, there is no place to put your shower things or toiletries inside the cubicles in camp site toilet blocks.  The usual option is to hang a shopping bag on a hook, or leave everything on the floor in a bag and try not to get it wet.

With a hanging wash bag, you can put your shower gel, face wash, and shaving kit inside, and hang it on the hook in the cubicle.  If there isn’t a door or wall hook, you can rotate the hook in the wash bag and use it to hang on the top of the cubicle door or shower curtain rail.

Many hanging wash bags, such as the Reisenthel Toilet Bag, also include a small vanity mirror, so you also have the means to get ready with at least a small mirror to help.

Not just for toiletries
We use hanging wash bags for all sorts of storage.  One holds our children’s Go Pro camera and accessories.  Because there are so many compartments, all the fixings and harnesses and straps can be stored neatly away, and the bag opens right up at the front, so it’s easy to pick and choose what is needed for that perfect action shot.

Being proper planner addicts, we also use them for storing stationery and planner supplies.  We have it hung on a pegboard by our crafting area.  Inside there are pens, washi tape, sticker sheets, magnetic bookmarks, paperclips plus a few bits of notepaper and ephemera.

You can also use it to hold a nappy changing kit.  Simply store nappies, wipes, creams, nappy sacks, and even a change of clothes inside, and you have a useful, easy to access changing kit that can be hung up nearby wherever you are.

These are just a few ideas to show you the versatility of these useful wash bags that can hang up.  With a wide range of designs, and both plain and patterned fabrics, you will be able to find one that suits your needs perfectly.  They also make the perfect present for friends, colleagues, and loved ones.  Fill one up with their favourite brand of toiletries or skin care, and you will be able to give them a present they will definately enjoy using.