Handbag Organisers

Looking for the best handbag organiser for you?

Anyone with more than one handbag will know the pain of switching from one handbag to another. Or perhaps you have a favourite handbag that has too few pockets inside.  This is where a handbag organiser can help you.  There are so many varieties that it can be difficult to choose which one you prefer. We have selected a few of our favourites to help narrow your selection.

Change from handbag to handbag in a flash

A handbag organiser can be used as a bag swap bag.  You store all your essentials inside the organiser. When it is time to move to a different bag, you lift the organiser out of the first bag and put it in your new one.  Many people who use a handbag liner for this prefer one without a top zip. They can open their handbag and reach inside without having to undo a second zip or fastening.  With pockets around the outside edge, and a large main compartment, you can keep your keys, purse, phone, charger, medication, make-up and personal items all together and with you no matter which bag you are using.

Several of the bag liners we have chosen have a small grab handle on the top, so you can grab and go.  Swapping handbags just became stress free!

An added bonus is that no matter which bag you are using, everything that is important to you is always in the same layout. You won’t have to fumble around trying to remember which pocket you stored your keys in.

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Organise your favourite bag

Sometimes you fall in love with the look and feel of a handbag, but the internal layout isn’t quite right for carrying your essentials in an organised way.  This is where a handbag organiser can help.  Add one or maybe more to the inside of your bag, put your belongings inside each one, and hey presto, your bag is organised. You will be a lot less frustrated when standing in front of a till or locked door.

You can use more than one bag organiser to section your things.  Maybe you need to carry medication, or items for a baby, or young child.  You can use one organiser for each purpose and know you can easily put your hands onto what you need.  If you put a quick nappy changing kit inside one, it’s easy to grab that out of your bag to change your baby. You could hand it to someone else who is willing to take on that job.

Many organisers have a zip across the top of the main compartment.  This can help protect your valuables as it adds another layer of security on top of the main closure of your bag.

Protect your handbag’s lining

Using a handbag liner means it may help protect the lining of your handbag especially if you finally own that favourite designer bag you have had your eye on for so long.  If you accidentally leave the lid off your lipstick, or the lids falls off your pen, or that forgotten bar of chocolate begins to melt, it is the handbag organiser that takes the damage.  Many designs of organiser are washable, so you can empty it to wash and start afresh.  A study revealed that a handbag can carry a scary amount of bacteria. Having a washable, removable lining can help to reduce this.

Add a pop of colour

Handbag designers seem to like using dark fabrics inside their bags.  Whilst this makes the bag seem more streamlined, it can make it incredibly difficult to find things. Inside there is a black hole created by a dark lining.

Why not choose a bright and vibrant handbag liner to place inside?  Then you can find everything, and make a style statement too.

Not just for handbags

Are you a planner addict?  These bag organisers also make fantastic stationery organisers.  There is plenty of room to fit your planner, notebook, or bullet journal in the large main compartment.  The outer pockets will easily hold pens, pencils, sticker sheets, clips, and of course, the all important washi tape.  Use one at home, or add one to your bag so you can plan on the move.

Things to consider when choosing your handbag liner

  • Size – what size do you need to fit inside your bag?
  • Colour – bright, patterned, plain?
  • Closure – open at the top, or zip to close?
  • Washable – do you want to be able to wash your liner?
  • Fabric – do you prefer nylon, polyester, cotton, or even soft felt?